The following are the main areas of expertise in which the company operates: 

Highway/Transportation Planning and Engineering

Transportation Systems Development and Analysis

Drainage Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Geomatic Engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering

Socio- Economic Studies

Environmental Quality Engineering, Planning and Management

Cost Management (Quantity Surveying and Project Cost/ Benefits Analysis)

Water and Waste Water Engineering

Project Management

Construction Supervision and Management

Rural/Urban/Regional/Spatial Planning and Development

Infrastructural Planning and Engineering





The range of services offered in the fields above is as follows:

Data collection & analysis, data management  & information systems
Technical field studies (surveying, traffic studies, maintenance studies, materials and foundation    investigation, socio-economic surveys etc. 
Feasibility studies and project appraisal
Planning and design of various infrastructures
Environmental Quality Engineering and Management including Environmental Impact Assessment and Waste   Stabilization.
Pre- and post-contract services (preparation of contract documents, evaluation of tenders, contract   supervision, etc.)
Project management including construction management