Design Review and Construction Supervision of Mallam – Kasoa Road, Ghana

The project is part of the Road Sector Development Programme, designated as Reconstruction of Mallam – Kasoa Road. The Mallam – Kasoa Road (18km) is section of the Accra - Yamoransa Road and forms an integral part of the ECOWAS Trans-West African Highway Network System. The road starts from about 10km west of the centre of Accra and traverses a generally flat to rolling terrain westwards towards Cape Coast.  It forms part of the National road N1 which is a major link between the Volta Region and the Western Region. The Project road is predominantly a 2-3 lane carriageway being constructed through an urban/peri urban area with a 50m span bridge with a four lane dual             capacity over the Densu River.


Services Provided:

Engineering Design Review which included traffic and drainage   studies, bridge design, and road safety audit

Undertaking all pre-contract activities required for tendering award and signing of contract Supervision of construction works