Consultancy Services for Baseline Study: Pilot Project to Test Water Delivery to Low – Income Urban Communities, Ghana


The Government of Ghana is committed to improving access to safe water in urban areas as part of meeting the millennium development goals. Potable water is to be provided in low income areas under the Urban Water Project (UWP) and the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) being the regulator in the supply of water has designed projects to tackle the disparity between poor and urban localities and high income areas. In view of this, pilot projects were to be carried out to obtain lessons in the provision of water to these low income and poor households in some selected communities in Accra.


As part of this study, baseline surveys were undertaken to gather information in order to provide useful basis for measuring the outcomes ofthe pilot interventions. Information gathered included the following thematic areas:  

Accessibility of Water

Affordability of Water

Quality of Care

Billing and Payment Processes

Community involvement in management of water and hygiene


Scope of Services Provided:

Preparatory Activities

Field Study

Data Collation and Analysis